I started painting in 1991, and through pulses of time I've collected a number of works that I'm happy to present for you below. My favourite painting medium is aerosol, and the culture & artist involved with it have been inspiring me since way back in the early 90's! Through various opportunities presented to me post my TAFE & university educations I was lucky enough to meet some amazing artists from this field and paint along side them.
My style is predominantly photo realistic based character work, but have been interested in letter pieces lately, having the opportunity to have free reign on walls I can finally experiment. When it comes to hand painted mural work, the popular subject of the last few years has been trees... see below.
I am very excited at every opportunity to paint, however due to demand, not every request may result in a project outcome. I am trying to offer the best results for everyone and to do so, I must concentrate on my strengths and be inspired by what subject matter I paint. This will guarantee that every mural I paint is the best I can do, I am more than happy to consult with people about who might be best to offer them a similar service if I am not suitable. Thank you for your understanding.
If you are interested in having a mural done please send an email to

Please Note:
1. Mural work is a seasonal activity - if you are the owner of an external wall - chances are I won't paint it during winter.
2. All paint required & supplied per project is acquired after completion as part of the payment process.
3. Fees per project are discussed & estimated prior to start of project. 50% payment prior to commencement of mural.