I tattoo at my private studio. To contact me please visit this form.
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I started tattooing in 1997 & have enjoyed collecting & giving tattoos ever since.
In the last 3 years most requests for my work have been greywash, my folio reflects a majority of these pieces. I do enjoy working with colour also, either way I'd be happy to talk to you about your next tattoo.
My style is predominantly fantasy, religious, chicano, but I like to mix in oriental & colour realistic also - it really depends on what I'm requested to tattoo. Having been formally trained as an illustrator in the early 90's my style draws from all mediums & I'm influenced by artists worldwide. I've been told that my graffiti influence comes across in my work & I believe my photographic education helps with my shading studies.
I am truly humbled by every request that is submitted, however please understand, that due to demand, not every request may result in a booking. I am trying to offer the best tattoo results for everyone & to do so, I must concentrate on my strengths & be inspired to tattoo the subject matter. This will guarantee that everyone I tattoo gets the best I can offer, I am more than happy to consult with people about who might be best to offer them their tattoo if I am not suitable. Thank you for your understanding.
Please Note:
1. Tattoo appointments are not confirmed until deposits are received.
2. Deposits are compulsory for all appointments. Your deposit will be forfeited if you fail to give 48hrs notice
3. Your deposit is deducted from the final session, until this time it is carried over to protect your appointment times.
4. Hourly rate is $200 (inc GST) per hour for large scale on going work. (Requiring more than 2 x 3hr sessions.)
5. All my sessions are run in blocks of 3-4hrs, this maximises both my time & yours. e.g. A full arm sleeve can take up to 12 sessions depending on amount of detail involved.